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1st mini album [the Billage of perception : chapter one]

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Billlie the first mini album <the Billage of perception : chapter one>

The world view begins with the title song 'RING X RING'... Prediction of famous restaurants

Differentiated Planning + Overwhelming Skills + Gorgeous Producers... Birth of a Complete Girl Group

Mystic Story's first girl group, Billy, is finally taking its first steps in the music industry.

Billlie's debut album 'the Billage of perception: chapter one', consisting of Siyun, Tsuki, Suhyeon, Haram, Moonsuah, and Haruna, has a unique worldview based on a solid story, as well as a choreography label with top producers at home and abroad, One Million Dance Studio. It is an album that has improved the level of perfection in various ways such as music, singing, rap, and performance through collaboration with .

Like the name of the team, Billlie means 'to express our B-side, an inner self that everyone has and can empathize with'. paid attention to In addition, Moon Soo-ah and Si-yoon doubled their specialness by directly participating in rap making from their first album, which is unusual for a new artist.

The title song 'RING X RING', which contains a mysterious story surrounding what happened in a village, is a song that will be the beginning of Billy's view of the world.

The top producers such as Alexander Karlsson (JeL), Cazzi Opeia, Ellen Berg, Audi Mok, Anna Timgren, Anne Judith Stokke Wik, K-POP representative writers KZ, Le'mon, and LLANO are all in attendance to prove Billy's broad musical spectrum. It contains songs of various genres.

With a differentiated plan, unrivaled music, and a unique worldview, Billlie is expected to announce the birth of the '4th generation complete girl group' amid the intense interest of global fans and music officials.

*Album Specifications
- Photobook: 76p
- Folding poster: insert one random out of three
- Illustration sticker: Insert 1 type
- Carrier sticker: Insert 1 type
- Student ID: Insert 1 random type out of 6 types, 1,111 limited card random 1 type randomly inserted
(Only 1,111 limited cards are randomly inserted, so they are not inserted into the total amount.)

- Scratch Ticket: Insert a random one out of three
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