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Belted Sleeve Zipper Point Loose Fit Leather Jacket

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Introducing a unique and chic loose-fitting black leather jacket that is comfortable to wear without being uncomfortable with a fairly heavy and soft texture~!
Zipper points on the sleeves and pockets, and belt details on the hem have been added to enhance the quality.
It's not too thin and not too thick and has a loose fit, so it's really good to use it as a jacket for the changing seasons, and it can be beautifully produced as a layering outer until winter :)
The sleeve zippers and the zipper points on the front are all open and closed, so you can create according to your style!
It is a point jacket that appeals to a stylish personality as if indifferent, so I recommend it with more confidence!

Denim, skirt, dress, jacket with a design that goes well with any outfit♡
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