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1st Single Album [Blue Sky] (Platform Album ver.)

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BDC 1st Single Album [Blue Sky]

‘Blue Sky’, an album that captures BDC’s appealing emotions as it is

BDC, a talented three-member boy group representing Brand New Music, releases their first single album ‘Blue Sky’.

Unlike what BDC has shown in the past, this album 'Blue Sky' of the growing group BDC, which is showing a new look for each album through continuous challenges, is expected to fascinate music fans by illuminating the hidden charm inside.

It is a ballad album that perfectly harmonizes the members' sweet voices and excellent song digesting ability with emotional music, and captures their musical color and sincerity.

BDC, equipped with the hot passion and delicate expressiveness hidden behind the boyish appearance, and the diverse charms of three people, three colors, will make the public expect their infinite musical potential through this album.

*Album Specifications

- CARD HOLDER : 90 x 120mm / Insert 1 type

- PVC PHOTOCARD ALBUM : 54 x 85mm / random insertion of 1 out of 3 types

- PHOTOCARD : 54 x 85mm / Random / 2 types out of 6 types are randomly inserted
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