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Baek Yerin

2ND ALBUM [tellusboutyourself]

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14 songs. Although the number has decreased compared to 2019's [Every letter I sent you.], it is still a considerable volume considering the climate of reluctance to produce an album. Perhaps this is the fruit of my desire to prove that I still have a lot to show and tell. The songs on the b-side are evenly adhered to, and the composition of each is clear. Compared to [Our Love Is Great] and [Every letter I sent you.] a year ago, it is almost accurate to say that the curves have become clearer.

The album encompasses R&B, house, dream pop, and modern rock. Even if it is dreamy, it knows how to push forward with its power-packed development, and shifts gears exquisitely to change the atmosphere. By analogy, in Baek Ye-rin's world, centripetal and centrifugal are paradoxical but coexist. In other words, he knows how to draw out different textures for each song while maintaining consistency. It's not just because of the sense of volume of 14. Listening to the new album [tellusboutyourself] is the same as enjoying the colorful textures. what is it It is a level that only a musician who is strong in the center of his world and is good at transforming can achieve it.

Even so, there is no corner that bounces off the stimulus. Yerin Baek is the type of musician who rides the flow and enjoys it. Listen to the first song 'Lovegame'. After he uttered a strong word, he stepped back to let the performance flow and repeated the echo-like chorus, but instead put the highlight of the song here. In this section, he evokes a small elasticity by gradually and subtly accumulating sounds.


<Detailed Information>

1.Transparent PVC jacket, metallic silver hardcover hardcover (176x246mm, exposed iron binding),

2. Booklet (photo, lyrics-88page),

3.1CD,'Hate you' CD only version included

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