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‘This is going to happen, I want to love you’'I will make you shine more than anyone else'A shy confession given in the face of fateful love.

BAE173 (BAE 173) was created by combining'BAE' and the numbers '1' and '73', and is a'Before Anyone Else' meaning'before anyone else','my love, honey', and'love'. With the abbreviation'BAE', the number '1' for perfection, and the lucky number '73', it contains the meaning of becoming the most perfect'love' group for the public.

BAE173's first mini-album [INTERSECTION: SPARK], which has been highly anticipated from before debut, is'INTERSECTION' meaning'intersection, crossing' and'SPARK' meaning'firework' and'spark'. It is an album that contains a great ambition to meet people to create great synergy and to create the best music with infinite possibilities and skills.

The title song'Crush on U'is an up-tempo R&B song based on a new jack swing. Boys unfamiliar with the feelings of love show a cute bluff saying they don't believe in love, but they have witty lyrics to face a fateful partner. This song stands out.


'I can only see you in so many people. You just need to be, because I'll go.’


Included as a prelude to the beginning of BAE173,'Prelude: with me', which contains the stories of members who have been running to meet fans for a long time, and'Prelude: with me', which is like an essay by the members about the numerous frustrations and pains, passion and excitement that they have experienced until their dreams come true. Fly', the spin-off track of the title song'I'll Love You', a blue medium R&B track depicting the process of a boy who didn't believe in'a fairy tale called love' falls in love for the first time,'The Words That Can't Die', with only one guitar sound. It filled the track list of the album, leaving a lingering impression with'All You', a song where you can feel a unique tone and singing ability and a fan song for long-awaited fans.


'I'll remember everything, the love you gave me. I will love you unchanged, who has always been waiting for me

BAE173's first mini-album [INTERSECTION: SPARK] appeared like fireworks in the second half of 2020.We hope that the strong aspirations of the nine boys will win the hearts of the public.


*Album specifications

-Album size: 220x160x14mm

-Photobook: 120p / 1 random cover out of 9

-Pocket Holder / CD: 1disc

-Sticker: 120x160mm / 1 type inserted

-Photocard: 85x55mm / 2 types of 27 randomly inserted

-AR Photo Card: 85x55mm / 1 randomly inserted out of 9

-Folding Card: 300x150mm / Randomly insert one of three

-Lyric Poster: 300x410mm / 1 type inserted

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