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Backstrap Point Black Flare Mini Dress

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" A black mini dress with a backstrap poiyup reverse charm with a clean and unique charm without frills! "

Resort look, vacation look, party look, club look, year-end gathering look, pretty and sexy items that can be worn all year round!

With a round neck, it looks elegant from the front, but when you look back, there is a slit in the waist, which makes it look sexy.
The X-line back strap that can be seen between the loose waistbands adds uniqueness to it, exuding a reversal of charm~!
This is an A-line flare dress, which makes the waist line look slimmer and the leg line long and slim, making it a recommended item to cover the overall body shape.
It is beautiful to wear as a single piece, but it is good to coordinate it with a cardigan or jacket in the changing seasons~!!

The slit on the back of the waist falls loosely.
Free size and s size are additionally made for those who want a slim fit or skinny body!
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