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-Global trend ATEEZ (ATEEZ)

-The second story of the FEVER series [ZERO: FEVER Part.2] released!

-Title song ‘I’m The One’ ATEEZ’s unstoppable run!

Popular performance doll ATEEZ (에이티즈) makes a comeback with the 6th mini album [ZERO: FEVER Part.2].Earlier, ATEEZ (ATEEZ) surpassed the three awards at the end of the year through the '2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards (2020 MAMA)' and '2020 The Fact Music Awards', and this year's'The 10th Gaon Chart Music Awards' and ' The 30th High1 Seoul Music Awards also proved the dignity of the popular boy group by announcing the successive awards. ATEEZ (ATEEZ) quickly became a trending stone with a high-quality concept and extraordinary stage dominance. This time, attention is focused on how to raise the heat of the world.


[Record of fever]

The stars in the sky were no longer visible because they did not try to look up, the stars were not conspicuous, but they did not disappear. After all the lights in the world were extinguished, the invisible star shimmered, and the boys crossed the border over the horizon. The darkness became a wall in their way, and there was no light to light it. Only the boys who could see the starlight walked step by step along the star's map, and the light inside them grew bigger and bigger. People expected the embers they swallowed to bring the darkness back. And the voices of the boys soaring like flames awaken a terrifyingly quiet world.

We all have a fire in our hearts. They differ in shape and size, but the size of their desire to make a spark is the same. Now, their movement will reignite the embers that were fading around the world.


[I’m The One]

This album is the sequel to the last [ZERO: FEVER Part.1], and depicts the stories of members who have hotter than anyone else in the middle of a fever. Their stories are engraved all over the album, but ATEEZ (ATEEZ) released two conflicting versions of the concept photos, raising questions about what the real message they want to convey.

People have an image that everyone admires. And it's called "cool". But is I really me in the eyes of others? I don't know if that's the true Nile. All of us are born under different stars and live our lives with different trajectories. Aspirations become embers, and embers shine on their own with the song of the wind. Without any help.

The title song ‘I’m The One’ is a song that stands out with the rhythm of EDM in the understated trap beat, and it contains the message that he will burn his own embers from the false perceptions of the world. The vocals full of energy on the track constantly running and rising are reminiscent of the members rushing toward the world without hesitation, and it clearly shows what ATEEZ's unique "cool" is. ATEEZ says. There's nothing else we need to get hot except for the sweat we're shed right now, the eyes filled with passion.


[Album specifications and components]

-Sleeve & Box (157 x 217 x 28mm)

-Booklet 96p (images vary by version)

-1 type per sticker version

-Set of 8 postcards

-1 type per photo card version (1 type random out of a total of 14 types)

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