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-Teenagers' A to Z, performance doll'ATEEZ'

-Released [TREASURE EP.1: All To Zero], announcing the beginning of a long journey!

-'Pirate King' and'Treasure' double title song debut, expectation of the second half!



[All To Zero]

'Everyone's new starting point'

What is at the end of that land where no one has gone? Toward a place where there is no road, he takes a step by step, step by step, and proceeds. Suddenly, we are standing at a new starting point in front of the vast sea. It doesn't matter if the direction is right or not. Just follow the map of the mind and start a long journey in the direction of the heart beating. Each person is looking for a “Treasure” that they will keep in their hearts.

[TREASURE EP.1: All To Zero], which opens the prelude to the TREASURE series, depicts ATEEZ standing at the beginning of a long journey toward a bigger world. All tracks consist of one theme, which makes ATEEZ's own color more clarified, and as a rookie, it attracts attention with an unusual double title song.



[Music Video]

The colors unique to ATEEZ are more engraved in the music video. The music video set in Morocco, which is said to be a gem of the Middle East, dyes the color of ATEEZ even deeper. The vast gorge, the vast Sahara Desert, and the flag, the mark of the emergence of ATEEZ (ATEEZ), express their future journey and an infinite world that will expand through it. There is treasure in the eyes of the members in the music video, but no fear is felt. With 8 people together, there is only confidence that we can overcome any adventure.



[Track Review]


1.Intro: Long JourneyEach person lives with a treasure in their heart. And to find that treasure, life goes on a long journey. ATEEZ goes on a long journey together in search of treasure. This song opens the prelude to that great adventure.


2. Pirate King *TitleThe first title track, “Pirate King,” is an impressive song with a strong trap sound and an addictive hook reminiscent of a boat song. It contains the announcement of ATEEZ for a bigger world.


3. Treasure *TitleThe second title song'Treasure' is a song that penetrates the whole concept of ATEEZ. It is a song of a magnificent scale that was released without being constrained by the music.


4. TwilightThis is a tropical house song about the moment when the sun goes down and the red sunset goes down, you can feel your gratitude and love for your colleagues next to Saesam.


5. StayIt is an EDM song reminiscent of the cool sea, and it contains the message that life will always be by your side no matter what difficulties arise in the long journey.


6. My WayATEEZ (에이티즈) goes on their own path no matter what anyone says. Suffering and adversity may block them from time to time, but as if nothing happened, they move forward lightly. 'My Way', which contains the appearance of such ATEEZ (에이티즈). This first journey ends with'My Way'.




-Sticker: Insert 1 sheet

-Foldable poster: randomly inserted one of two types

-Postcard: 1 set (8 sheets) inserted

-Photocard: Total 3 types randomly inserted (2 common types, 1 random type per member)

-Special Polaroid: 1 randomly inserted

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