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Next-generation global performance doll, ATEEZ (ATEEZ)-Act 3 of the REASURE series.

The third mini album [TREASURE EP.3: One To All] released!

'WAVE','ILLUSION' double title song, a different concept transformation!

 [One To All]Through the last TREASURE series, the members became one under the name ATEEZ, and they are leaving in search of their own ‘TREASURE’ that may exist somewhere.

And now each other has become each other’s everything,This journey, one step closer to'TREASURE', became everything for the members.

ATEEZ (ATEEZ) has shown a tough and difficult adventure so far, but the members are still innocent boys who are curious in front of the world.

It is an adventure that cannot be seen one step ahead, but the members are only excited and excited because 8 people win together. 

In this album, you can meet the bright and positive energy of the eight boys and the new concept of ATEEZ.

This can be felt in the changed appearance of the members, and it is melted throughout the album, including visuals, jackets, and music videos.

RiverTo see the boyish beauty hidden behind the fierceness, perhaps resembling the appearance of ATEEZ in reality, makes you want to accompany them in any adventure.  


[Title Song Introduction]

[TREASURE EP.3: One To All] is in the same context as the last series, but also contains a different emotion.

In particular, this album is a double title song, so you can meet ATEEZ with two concepts in the same summer.

This contains the desire of ATEEZ to reach fans in various ways. 

The first title track, “ILLUSION,” is a hip-hop rhythm track depicting ATEEZ singing a fantastic experience on an unknown island.

The arrangement of a naughty piano and brass hit on the hip-hop rhythm that splits wittylyIt seems to be seeing a playground that freely releases the world from the fantasy he has seen.

Wrong and witty lyrics add to the joy of the song, and the trendy choreography harmonizes to complete the perfect party tune of ATEEZ.You can meet the appearance of ATEEZ (ATEEZ), which is full of kitsch and boyishness that you have never seen before. 

The second title track, “WAVE,” is a mash-up of the Mumbaton genre and country guitar that has been maintained for a long time as one of the world's trendy genres.

A lyrical guitar resonates, and the members are not in the unknownInvites us to the sea The huge waves that suddenly block are both overwhelming and scary, but they are shouting, let's enjoy this moment and adventure, as if it was nothing special because of each other.

Become one in front of the rough waves and become more solidYou can meet 8 boys.

 Like the previous TREASURE series, the production team EDE-NERY, composed of composers BUDDY, LEEZ, and Ollounder, led by talented singer-songwriter EDEN, participated in the entire production, and ATEEZ’s uniqueNot only the musical color, but also the completeness was improved. 



1. UTOPIAIt is an EDM genre song that contains the ideal of ATEEZ (에이티즈) running infinitely towards the utopia seen in a dream.

The drop of the chorus that is about to burst breaks the reality trapped in prejudice and gives the feeling of reaching a utopia.The ending that ends at the end of the dramatic narrative leaves a deep lingering effect. 


2. ILLUSIONThe first title track, “ILLUSION,” is a hip-hop rhythm track depicting ATEEZ singing a fantastic experience on an unknown island. Weird and witty lyrics add to the joy of the song, and trendy choreography harmonizesThe perfect party tune of ATEEZ was completed. You can meet ATEEZ's kitsch yet full of boyishness.


3. Crescent"Open your eyes" I open my eyes to a voice coming from somewhere. The narration and INST expressed synesthesia are reminiscent of a scene in the movie and present another chapter. 


4. WAVEThe second title track, “WAVE,” is a mashup of the long-maintained Mumbaton genre and country guitar as one of the world's most trendy genres. Let's enjoy this moment and adventure as if all the waves hitting the current journey are no big dealIt contains a message. In particular, the chorus full of energy as if shouting a slogan is reminiscent of the members who are not afraid in front of the rough waves, and the lyrical guitar and flocks sound are added to create a strange impression. 


5. AURORAATEEZ spends many nights in a dream-like journey. AURORA was greeted among the many nights. All of the members feel the same feelings watching AURORA, which has been waiting for a long time, that they could not see alone. The darker it gets, the brighter the AURORA.It lights up the dark night of ATEEZ, and the members find new hope for that night.AURORA, which is more meaningful as leader Hongjoong Kim participates in the lyrics and composition, is developed as a guitar riff with a lyrical mood, and is a song that leads to a dynamic drop unique to ATEEZ.Watching AURORA met together in a dreamlike journey, the members expressed their feelings.


6. Dancing Like Butterfly WingsIt is a rock-style medium-tempo song that contains the aspirations that we hope that even though our wings may be small like butterflies, it will become a big wind and finally reach our dreams. Heart-tappingThe snare and disc guitar sounds are impressive, especially the shouts from the chorus that make the listeners shake their hearts.



-CD, Booklet 104p: Image differs by version

-Photocard: Randomly insert 3 types out of 10 types per version

-Postcard: 1 set (8 cards) per version

-Folding poster: Insert 1 type per version (on pack)

-Sticker: Insert 1 type per version

-Polaroid: Randomly insert 1 sheet regardless of version 

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