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3rd Full Album [Drive to the Starry Road]

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ASTRO 3rd ALBUM [Drive to the Starry Road]
The splendid return of 'The King of Coolness' ASTRO!
'POP' at the peak of ASTRO's refreshing run through the dazzling starlight
ASTRO is back with his 3rd studio album [Drive to the Starry Road]. If you expressed your desire to give everything to Aroha through the 2nd full album [All Yours], in this album, we want to convey the feeling that Astro and Aroha are always together. Astro, who is spending the joys and sorrows together in the brilliant time of youth, reminisces about the past, enjoys the present, and captures the anticipation for the future we will move forward together. It is an album that contains the unchanging love for each other, and you can see their close relationship. Let's join ASTRO for a fantastic drive in the starlight, which will start as 'the king of the end of the cool'.

The joys and sorrows of youth and a dazzling new journey
ASTRO contains three themes of ‘Drive’, ‘Starry’ and ‘Road’ in her 3rd full album [Drive to the Starry Road]. Jinjin, Moonbin, and Rocky participated in writing the lyrics for the title song ‘Candy Sugar Pop’, so you can feel their sincere story. A bright and refreshing pop dance song with a sweet mood, it has returned as the king of coolness by adding Astro's own refreshing energy called 'Hungstro' to a rhythm full of addictive hooks. In addition, six members participated in writing lyrics, composing, and rap making to tell their own stories, and ASTRO, who has perfectly established itself as a representative of 'cool idol' by releasing numerous albums after their debut, has been with Aroha so far and in the future. You can feel the sincerity of ASTRO that they want to be together in the future, foretelling the dazzling starlight to run.

An album complete with a deep music spectrum filled with refreshing prism
[Drive to the Starry Road] contains a total of 11 songs, from group songs with the charms of six members to solo songs with individual charms, filling the track list. Including the title song ‘Candy Sugar Pop’, the light pop dance song ‘Something Something’, ‘More’ that shows ASTRO’s mature charm, and ‘Skylight’ with a cool refreshing feel, you can meet the charm of the whole group.
Solo songs that maximize the strengths of each member are also included, attracting attention. MJ is a pop ballad 'Story' that adds fun to listening to with a development that maximizes the flow of emotions, 'All Day' with a bright and exciting 808 sound that contains Jinjin's musical sensibility, 'First Love' with a groovy melody added to Cha Eun-woo's sweet vocals ', 'Let's go ride', which adds charm to Moonbin's vocal color with a minimal guitar sound, Rocky's 'S#1.' It will satisfy fans' expectations by incorporating the musical colors of the six members in a variety of '24 Hours'.
In this album, which was completed with the fan song 'Like the Stars in the Night Sky', which expressed gratitude to Aroha for always being by her side with an unchanging heart, this album not only conveys the perfect breath as a whole, but also paints the strengths and charms of each member with various colors. It depicts a painting-like sensibility of width.

The most dazzling from the highest! “Let’s go together, even in the dark the way is bright”
Since their debut in 2016, ASTRO has been active with various concepts based on ‘cool’. Through this album, the musical ability that has grown by taking advantage of individual strengths as well as group activities over the past 6 years will show synergy. The 'cool and sexy' shown so far. Beyond 'cool full power' and 'cool fantasy', this time, they redefine the group's color once again as 'the king of coolness', and their 3rd full-length album [Drive to the Starry Road] contains the unique 'coolness' that only ASTRO can show. It is ready to create a cool sensation in the hearts of domestic and foreign fans.

Let's meet the most dazzling star in the highest place in the night sky in May 2022.



*Album Specifications

- Cover (220 x 295 mm) : 1 type
- Photo Book (220 x 295 mm) : 88p
- CD-R: Insert one random out of six
- Envelope (155 x 215 mm): Insert 1 type
- Post Card (125 x 175 mm): Insert 1 type
- Photo Card (55 x 85 mm) : Insert 2 random out of 24 types
- Folding Post Card (910 x 150 mm): Insert 1 type

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