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Apink chobom - 1st Single Album [Copycat] (META-Platform ver.)

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Apink Early Spring 1st Single Album 【Copycat】

Apink's first unit is born - Chorong & Bomi single album release!

“How about this little monster?” A lively imitator, a creepy imitation of early spring ‘Copycat’

Chorong Park and Bomi Yoon formed the first unit of Apink after 11 years of debut.

The first single album [Copycat] of “Apink Early Spring” is a word that refers to someone who imitates and imitates, and is an album that Chorong and Bomi wanted to show a lively and sassy image that they had not shown before. In addition, Chorong Park and Bomi Yoon, who have a deep relationship that is more than a colleague, are always identified as soulmates living with the same heart toward each other. contained

*Album Specifications

- Card holder: Insert 1 type

- Photocard album: randomly inserted one out of three

- Photo card: randomly inserted 1 out of 6 types

- Sticker: Insert 1 type
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peachkpop 음악 CD Apink chobom - 1st Single Album [Copycat] (META-Platform ver.)
$9.90 USD
$9.90 USD

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