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A heart as cold as the winter weather in January

And Alexa is back with a song [Tattoo] that depicts indelible wounds and longing like a tattoo!

This title song [Tattoo] is about the emotion I firmly believed in love.

It is a song that expresses the longing that remains deep in the heart from moment to moment, and the wounds of the heart that are difficult to overcome.

Now I scream that I'll stop playing with the emotion of love

In the end, it is a song that can empathize with many people by honestly expressing the traces of love that remain in the heart.

[Album Specifications]

- OUT PACKAGE : 1 type

- CD-R : 118*118 / 1 type

- PHOTO BOOK : 180*250mm / 68p

- TATTOO STICKER PACK : 160*220mm / Insert 1 type

- PHOTO CARD : 86*54mm / 3 types inserted
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