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Akdong Musician (AKMU)


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AKMU's new album [NEXT EPISODE] is a new episode starting 4 years after [SUMMER EPISODE] released in 2017, and will be presented as AKMU's "first collaboration album" in which the entire song featuring team participated.


Is featured in Lee, Sun - Hee, IU, Zion.T, Beenzino, jannabi choejeonghun, Crush, Sam Kim this, composing and arranging, the producer Lee Chan-hyuk and loading've shown the musical synergy, PEEJAY, yihyeonyoung, MILLENNIUM participate in AKMU last album and ornate curls A collaboration lineup was formed.


Musically, there are new attempts than before, and this is the first feature participation of another artist, which has not been seen in AKMU discography so far. In terms of sound, it is inspired by the retro sound of the second half of the 20th century. By adding color, a fresher and more experimental genre and narrative were created.



The theme that weaved this album [NEXT EPISODE] is ‘Beyond Freedom’. ‘Transcendental freedom’ means more than just physical comfort and comfort, it means inner freedom that is not affected by any environment or condition, and AKMU has solved this theme with different stories in the seven tracklists.



It is a story of the will to not give in to situations that an individual cannot solve, other people's standards and opinions, and personal pain, and not to lose inner solidity. We will find hope together even in difficult situations and eventually reach our dream destination. It is a message of comfort and hope.



Through AKMU's first collaboration album [NEXT EPISODE], we hope that AKMU's message that we will be with you no matter what ordeal comes to all of us who are currently going through a time of discomfort will give you faith and comfort.



AKMU COLLABORATION ALBUM [NEXT EPISODE], a collaboration album consisting of a booklet set with a total of 7 different themes, a sticker set, and a folding poster, will be released on July 27th. You can find it in the store.







SIZE: 200*200*22

Configuration : Package Sleeve + CD + Booklet Set (7ea / 16 Pages Each) + Sticker Set (1ea) + Folded Poster (1ea)

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