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Akdong Musician (AKMU)

3rd FULL ALBUM [Sailing]

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AKMU 3rd FULL ALBUM [Sailing]
So far, the 'AKMU' album has drawn the sympathy of various generations by capturing the thoughts and feelings that can be felt at that age through music based on the growth and experiences of Chan-hyeok Lee and Su-hyun Lee.

If the 1st album [PLAY] showed the so-called 'playing music', where you can enjoy and enjoy life without any worries with a pure heart like a child, your 2nd album [Adolescence] has grown up a little bit, even if you have curiosity and doubt about everything in the world. A long day, a long night,” he went through a period of turbulence, talking about his first love.
What is the story Chanhyuk Lee and Suhyun Lee want to tell in the 3rd full album [Sailing], which is released for the first time after turning 20?

The title of the 3rd full-length album [Sailing] has several connotations, among which the keyword that best conveys the intention of producer Lee Chan-hyuk is ‘leave’. If you were children and teenagers who could not stand on their own until the last album, ‘AKMU’ in the [Sailing] album can be seen as close to the image of a beginner who left the home that protected me and took the first step into society.

While dealing with 'farewell', which would have been unfamiliar to the 'AKMU' album in the past, as a whole, we want to express the emotions of parting in a cool and simple way based on the band's sound that contrasts with the metaphorically expressed lyrics. did.

In addition, in order to enhance the completeness of the band sound, talented band musicians from various fields such as 'AKMU BAND' Hyun-Young Lee and Bon-Am Koo, as well as Harim, Ju-Jae, So-Jin Hong, Jun-Ho Hong, and In-Sung Choi participated in the arrangement and sessions to create the 'AKMU band sound'. implemented.

The 3rd full-length album [Sailing] is the life 'AKMU' is going through, and it is an album that contains another growth, I hope it will be a comfort to everyone living at the same time.

[AKMU 'SAILING' 3rd FULL ALBUM] will be available for pre-order from September 17th, and from September 26th, it will be available at on/offline music stores nationwide, including YG Select.

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