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3rd Full Album [AMY]

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Ailee shines as Ailee.

The last story of Iโ€™M LOVINโ€™ AMY.

Ailee, who has returned as a diva, who looks the most me, came to the public with her 3rd full album [AMY].

If Ailee, who was immature through her previous albums [I 'm] and [LOVIN'], showed her color through the process of slowly finding the perfect me, this album [AMY] finally found me. It contains the story of Ailee.

AMY is Ailee's English name, and she participated in the album production process to show Ailee when she was the best, as well as the appearance of Ailee that the public knows. completed

[AMY]'s title song 'Don't Teach' is a song created in collaboration with Groovlin and RAVI, the head of The Live, and Monotree's representative producer Hwang Hyeon.

It is a modernly reinterpreted track while pursuing the coolness of the existing swing genre.

The meticulously crafted chord voicing, three-dimensional chorus line, and brass session combined to pursue the splendor of the big band formation.

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-OUT SLEEVE : 170*220mm / 1 type

-PHOTO BOOK : 170*220mm / 1 type / 80p

-DISC(CD-R) : 1 type

-PHOTO CARD : 55*85mm / Random out of 3 types

-POSTCARD : 100*150mm / Random 1 out of 2 types

-BOOKMARK : 55*120mm
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