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1st Mini Album [Savage] (P.O.S Ver.)

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‘Global trend’ Aespa releases its first mini album ‘Savage’ on October 5th!

After the mega hit ‘Next Level’, another syndrome notice!

‘Global trend’ Aespa (SM Entertainment) will make a sudden comeback with their first mini album ‘Savage’ on October 5th.

Aespa's first mini-album 'Savage', which will be released on October 5, contains a total of 6 songs in various genres, including the title song 'Savage' of the same name, and a hot response from global music fans is expected.

This album is Aespa's first physical album since its debut in November last year. Previously, with the debut song 'Black Mamba' and the single 'Next Level', the music video achieved 100 million views on YouTube. As it has shown dazzling achievements such as ranking first in the music charts and continuing its long-run popularity, attention is also paid to the activities that will be performed with the first mini-album.

In addition, Aespa is called 'Metaverse Girl Group' because of its unique worldview with avatars, and has been selected as an advertising model for various industries such as games, beauty, clothing, finance, and telecommunications. The castle is expected to continue.

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Case Ver. --> P.O.S Ver.

- 1 type of cover (142*142mm)

- 2 booklets (or the same)

- 1 sticker

- 1 out of 4 AR clip cards

- 1 out of 4 AR photo cards
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