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2nd Mini Album [Girls] (KWANGYA Ver.)

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‘Metaverse Girl Group’ Espa releases the second mini album ‘Girls’ on July 8!

Espa (under SM Entertainment) is making a comeback with her second mini album ‘Girls’.

Espa's second mini-album 'Girls' will be released on July 8, and contains a total of 6 songs in various genres, enough to meet Espa's unique music color.

In particular, ESPA created a global syndrome with success in three consecutive mega hits from the debut song 'Black Mamba' to the single 'Next Level' and the first mini-album title song 'Savage'. .


- 1 type of cover 

- 1 random out of 4 character cards 

- One random out of 4 photocards 

- Random 1 out of 4 folding posters

- 1 sticker
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