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AB6IX (Lim Young-min, Jeon-woong, Kim Dong-hyun, Park Woo-jin, Lee Dae-hui), which has released contents with solid story since April, releases the album on May 22.

In this album, all members of AB6IX participated in writing lyrics, composing, producing, rap making and choreography, and completed the album with the desire to meet fans with good music.In addition, 'HOLLYWOOD', which was first introduced as a brand new boy in PRODUCE 101 Season 2 and attracted much attention, was recently reborn as five people and added to the album.The group name AB6IX combines five members and fandom to form 'ABSOLUTE SIX' which means to become a complete body and 'ABOVE BRANDNEW SIX' which means to open a new horizon of brand new music.

Combined.AB6IX's first album, which includes various aspects of AB6IX, expresses the group identity with the keywords of perfection, transcendence, growth, and authenticity, will be pre-released on May 7, and will be released on May 22.



Album specification

1. Photobook (3 types, 80P, different by version)

2. CD plates (3 types, different by version)

3. Group Lifeguards (3 types, different by version)

4. Personal photo card (insert 2 random types out of 10)

5. Group photo card (insert one of the three random types)

6. Bookmarks (3 types, different by version)

7. Stickers (3 types, different by version)

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