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1ST album - 6IXSENSE

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AB6IX, a full-fledged artist with a great sense. Their first full-length album [6IXENSE] that anyone can't help but want intuitively.


AB6IX (AB6IX) is making a surprise comeback with its first full-length album [6IXENSE].


AB6IX, a diligent artist who returns with a full-length album about five months after his debut EP [B:COMPLETE] released in May, has achieved remarkable musical growth by making bold and outspoken attempts at various genres of music, including deep house, hip-hop, future bass, Mumbai, trap, R&B and ballads, in their own way.


If the debut EP [B:COMPLETE] is an album that fully defines and completes AB6IX's own color and music, and is filled with AB6IX's unique sense of music that everyone intuitively likes and wants. In particular, it is a concept album that shows not only the more mature and broad musical colors but also the sensual and mysterious aspects of AB6IX that have not been shown before.


The title track "BLIND FOR LOVE" is a deep house number that is an extension of the debut song "BREATHE," and a stronger and upgraded sound than before captivates listeners. It's a unique track where you can feel the man's spirit of "It's not a waste to give everything for the person you love." Lee Dae-hwi, who made "BREATHE," participated in writing and composing the song himself again this time, and Lim Young-min and Park Woo-jin also improved the perfection of the song with sensuous rap making.



**Album specifications**Total 2 types (6IX, SENSE Ver.)

- CD, Booklet 80p: 2 types, different versions of images

- Photo cards: Random 1 of 15 types per version (Total 30 pages)

- Secret Scratch Photo Card: Random 1 out of 5 (10 total pages) by version

- Plate Decal: Insert Type 2 (Class 1 per Album)

- Transparent bookmarks: Insert 5 versions per version (random 1 type per album)

- Group QR postcard: 2 types in total (one type per album)

- Anti-war envelope: Total of 5 types (Random 1 type)

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