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Yearbook 2021

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015B's 2021 season closing album, [Yearbook 2021] released

Producer group 015B (Gongil Obi) will release the 2021 season settlement album [Yearbook 2021].

015B's [Yearbook] album is a collection of 12 singles released from March to February of the following year, and is released annually as one book and one CD.

In this [Yearbook 2021] album, I went back to the beginning and remade the songs from the first album, 'On an Empty Street' and 'Late Rain'. As a homage to the 1st album, it was placed on the 1st and 2nd tracks in the same way as the 1st album, and in particular, 'On an Empty Street' was sung and recorded by Yoon Jong-shin, the original songwriter, after 31 years.

In addition, the remaining tracks contain 10 new songs in various styles, so you can feel the power of the producer group, which is still in progress. All songs on this album were written, composed, and arranged by 015B's representative producer Jeong Seok-won, who put great effort into 015B's unique color and perfection as an album.

As a featured vocalist in the 2021 season, including Yoon Jong-shin, who started with 015B, Lee Tae-kwon, Da-won, Elaine, FIL, Dong-ha, Kim Jae-woo, and Yeona, each attractive vocalist was appointed. Through their voices, you will be able to hear the latest music from the beginning of 015B on this album.

This [Yearbook 2021] album was produced as an 88-page booklet to increase the value of its collection, and includes a preface for each 015B member, a lyric book for each song, artwork, and work notes containing song introductions and episodes of the work process.

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-Yearbook 2021

-Number of pages / 88 pages

-Size / 225*274*9mm

- 1 CD with 12 songs
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