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Weki Meki - MINI 3RD ALBUM [HIDE and SEEK]

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Weki Meki releases the third mini album [HIDE and SEEK] in about two years and four months after the second mini album [Lucky]. In the meantime,'Picky Picky' –'Tiki-Taka (99%)' –'DAZZLE DAZZLE' series, while building up the unique colors of WikiMiki, has grown up one level for each album. Raise expectations even further.


In this [HIDE and SEEK], Weki Meki will show ‘Girl Spirit’ of chic girls, and will show a powerful stage like ‘Performance Queen’ and ‘Gunmu Restaurant’.



*Album specifications

-PHOTOBOOK: 80P / 210 X 297 mm (Images vary by version)

-CD-R: Insert 1 type (images differ by version)

-STICKER SET: Insert 1 type / 100 X 150 mm (Images differ by version)

-PHOTOCARD: Insert random one out of 8/55 X 85 mm (images vary by version)

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Weki Meki - MINI 3RD ALBUM [HIDE and SEEK]
$14.10 USD
$14.10 USD

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