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Side Cut Damage 9 Part Roll Up Denim Pants

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"It's natural and the washing is so attractive~! Side cut hem roll-up 9 vintage denim pants"

These are vintage denim pants with a soft mid-cheong daily feel and an attractive fit that falls naturally.
It can be worn stably with a high waist, and the side unbalanced cut adds a trendy look.
In addition, if you roll up the hem naturally and wear it, you can coordinate it in a style that is not burdensome~!
I finished it with a pointy, sensible look.
When not in roll-up, it adds a vintage but undecorated look to the wide fit line and natural damage points on the hem.
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Side Cut Damage 9 Part Roll Up Denim Pants
$34.00 USD
$34.00 USD

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