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Akdong Musician (AKMU) - NEW ALBUM Puberty Award (思春記)

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AKMU NEW ALBUM | puberty phase

Various records of spring in my thoughts, Akdong Musician's puberty (思春記)

Akdong Musician, who sings sympathetic daily life with special emotions, has returned with a new album [Adolescence Award].

Akdong Musician, who came back after two years of their debut album [PLAY], released in 2014, took the title of the album ‘Adolescence’, an emotion that everyone experiences at least once.
Usually, puberty is thought of as a passing period or a sensitive and complicated period in the teenage years, but
We believe that Akdong Musician can be visited by anyone, regardless of age or gender, at any time.
Adolescence was portrayed through their own perspective as ‘the time when spring (春) comes to mind’.
And I recorded each emotion of that moment as a song and put it in the album [Adolescence Award (思春記 上)].

The title songs 'RE-BYE' and 'People Move' are tracks that represent the emotions of adolescence.
Jazz pop 'RE-BYE', which expresses the feeling of not wanting to be hurt in the midst of repeated big and small breakups,
A funky sound that captures the curiosity of biting the tail in the daily movements of people.
The two songs that tell different stories, even 'The Crab that People Move', are enough to captivate the public with their opposite charms.

In addition to this, 'Why Newly', a lovely song about the excitement between a man and a woman who want to confirm each other's feelings,
‘Green Window Ga’, which impresses with the refreshing sound of the moment, jazz pop ‘From the Little Things’, which sweetly expresses gratitude for small and trivial daily life,
[Adolescence (Above)], which was completed with a total of six tracks, including 'Neighbors', a song about the emptiness and lonely feelings when you suddenly feel a difference between people.
It is an album that showcases Akdong Musician's own pleasant gaze and unique sense, based on a variety of emotions that cannot but be sympathized with.
This album, which is coherent and harmonious in Chanhyuk's production and Suhyun's delicate and comfortable voice, will be a warm gift that will always dwell in your mind when you listen to the song.
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Akdong Musician (AKMU) - NEW ALBUM Puberty Award (思春記)
$14.70 USD
$14.70 USD

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