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1st Mini Album [IN-OUT]

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'Bad memories disappear (FADE OUT), good memories become clear (FADE IN)'!

An album containing a message of healing!-From the title song'Bad Idea' to the track where you can feel the charm of the unit!

Completeness UP!-Visual X Performance X Vocal are all perfect'Proficient Unit'!

The synergy of the past!


ASTRO's first unit'Moonbin & Sanha (ASTRO)' finally unveiled on September 14th.

The first mini-album'IN-OUT' of'Moonbin & Sanha (ASTRO)' contains the message of healing that'bad memories disappear (FADE OUT), good memories become clear (FADE IN)'. As soon as the news of the formation of Astro's first unit,'Moonbin & Sanha (ASTRO)', which foretold a different charm from the'ASTRO', is attracting hot interest from domestic and overseas fans.

With warm visuals, powerful performances, and attractive vocals, Moon Bin and'All-around Youngest'

Yoon San-ha are growing up as artists, capturing the public's attention. In addition, attention is focused on the ‘explosive synergy’ that will be shown through the units of Moonbin and Yun San-hai, who are active in various fields such as entertainment, MC, and acting.



*Album specifications

-COVER + SLEEVE CASE: 250x250mm

-CD-R: 1Disc-PHOTOBOOK: 250x250mm / 72p (images differ by version)

-CONCEPT PHOTO BOOK: 170X200mm / 20p / Random insertion of one of two types (same image for each version)

-POSTCARD: 120X160mm / 3 types inserted (images differ by version)

-STICKER: 250x250mm / 1 type inserted (images differ by version)

-PHOTOCARD: 55x85mm / Random insertion of 2 types out of 12 (images differ by version)

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