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1st Mini Album [City Lights]

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EXO's Baekhyun, his first solo album 'City Lights'
Released on July 10th!
A total of 6 songs with a colorful atmosphere!

EXO BAEKHYUN (SM)'s first mini album 'City Lights' will be released on July 10th.
This album is the first solo album released by BAEKHYUN after his debut, and consists of a total of 6 songs with a colorful atmosphere.

In particular, Baekhyun is gaining global popularity with his sweet vocals, excellent singing ability, and powerful performance through EXO and EXO-Chenbaeksi activities. As he has been recognized as a vocalist, such as collaboration songs such as 'Raining' and 'YOUNG', which he sang with Loco, also recorded hits, so the music to be played in this album is highly anticipated.

In addition, Baekhyun is loved not only as a singer, but also in various fields such as musicals, dramas, and entertainment, and is loved for his overflowing talent and versatile charm. appears to be focused.

1. 2 types of covers (Day Ver & Night Ver)
2.Photobook: 80p (different versions or different configurations)
3.Booklet: 6p (different versions or different configurations)
4. Folding poster: 2 types (different by version)
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