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V-collar neck ribbed knit short sleeve mini dress (4color)

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" A slim-fit short-sleeved collar mini-dress with a glam line made of a cool and light ribbed knit material "

Introducing this short-sleeved mini-dress that can give you a sense of style with a neat and simple feeling that shows the effect of making the neck line look long and the face line small with the V-neck collar design :)
The fabric is also made of high-quality material, so it has a good sense of tension and is comfortable to wear, so you can wear it for a long time.
Holds the body line beautifully and the waist line is snug!
You can create a slim body silhouette while making the leg line look long!
I highly recommend it as an item that can be used in various moods, from luxurious to feminine charm to sexy feeling~♡

Coordinate it with sneakers and it's a classic look!
The basic colors, white and black, are consistently popular, and we have prepared 4 colors: marine blue, which gives a bright and bright facial tone, and olive khaki, which gives a calm and luxurious feeling, so please take it according to your taste!



Size : 44 - 66 Free

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V-collar neck ribbed knit short sleeve mini dress (4color)
$32.00 USD
$32.00 USD

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