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tvN Drama - Jirisan OST (2CD)

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The tvN drama Jirisan (directed by Lee Eung-bok, written by Lee Eung-bok, written by Lee Eung-bok, written by Lee Eung-bok, written by Lee Eung-bok, is written by Lee Eung-bok, written by Lee Eung-bok) Kim Eun-hee, Producer A Story) will start pre-ordering the OST album from Friday, the 10th, ahead of the end of this week.

In this Jirisan OST album, it is inserted in the right place in the drama to double the emotional line of the drama, and it contains 10 OSTs and 2 OSTs that have not been released yet, which aroused the resilience of drama listeners whenever they are released. In particular, BTS Jin's 'Yours' broke various records after the digital sound source was released, breaking new music records every day. In addition, a total of 23 BGM tracks responsible for the atmosphere of the drama are included.

In addition, the composition includes a photobook vividly composed of still cuts from the drama, 4 types of photo cards, 2 types of post cards, and the main poster of the drama. will be

The OST for 'Mt. Jirisan' was completed under the leadership of the music director of 'Ant', who performed high-quality music in hit dramas that received a lot of love from the public such as Descendants of the Sun, When the Camellia Blooms, Sweet Home, and the World of the Married. Jirisan' is also expected to deliver a deep lingering impression by completing a luxury OST track that perfectly blends with the pole with a beautiful, sometimes tense, and sometimes sad, colorful sensibility that goes well with the expansive scenery.

On the other hand, the OST album for 'Mt. Jirisan' will start pre-sale through various online music sites from today (10th), and will be officially released on December 22. The special album to be released digitally can be found on various music sites on Sunday, the 19th.


- 2 CDs

- Booklet (1ea)

- Photo card (4ea)

- Photo Postcard (2ea)
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tvN Drama - Jirisan OST (2CD)
$22.40 USD
$22.40 USD

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