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NCT DREAM -1st regular album 'Hot Sauce' (Photo Book Ver.)

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NCT DREAM comeback! The first full album ‘Hot Sauce’ is released on May 10th!

Includes a total of 10 songs including the title song ‘Hot Sauce’!

Announcement of the occupation of the music industry with the special synergy of the seven members!

'Global Young Power' NCT DREAM (N City Dream, SM Entertainment)'s first full album,'Hot Sauce', will be released on May 10th.

NCT DREAM's first full album, ‘Hot Sauce’, contains a total of 10 songs in a variety of genres, including the title song ‘Hot Sauce’ of the same name, and is expected to get a hot response from global music fans.

In particular, as this album is the new album of NCT DREAM and the first regular album released more than a year after the'Reload' album released in April of last year, it is possible to meet the stronger music and stage, the special energy of NCT DREAM. It is expected that it will hit the music industry.

In addition, NCT DREAM is loved for its sophisticated music color and unrivaled performance for each song it releases, and its previous album,'Reload', ranked No. 1 on domestic music and album charts, No. 1 on iTunes Top Albums chart in 51 regions worldwide, United World. As it has proven its global power, such as being the first Asian singer for three consecutive years, not only dominating domestic and international charts such as No. 1 on the charts, but also being selected as the first Asian singer for three consecutive years on the American Billboard'Artist Under 21 of the Year'. Collect.




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-Cover: 3 types

-Size 150 x 200mm

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NCT DREAM -1st regular album 'Hot Sauce' (Photo Book Ver.)
$16.30 USD
$16.30 USD

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