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KIM NAMJOO - 1st Single Album [Bird]

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Collaboration with (G)I-DLE's Soyeon, a unique singer-songwriter
Kim Nam-joo’s relentless flapping of his wings towards his dream, “Bird”

Kim Nam-joo of Apink, the representative girl group 10 years after his debut, releases his first solo album.

Kim Nam-joo's first Single Album [Bird] contains the meaning of showing Kim Nam-joo's relentless flapping of his wings, who is making his solo debut. It is an album that can show a new charm.

(G)I-DLE's Soyeon's participation in the title song "Bird", which was an issue even before its release, is a trap genre with oriental elements. In the lyrics, Kim Nam-joo's will to move forward without hesitation about what I love or what I dream of is contained in the lyrics.

*Album Specifications
- Hard cover + photo book: 52P
- CD + Jewel Case
- Photocard: Insert one random out of eight
- Photo Postcard: Insert 2 random out of 6 types
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KIM NAMJOO - 1st Single Album [Bird]
$12.60 USD
$12.60 USD

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