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bugAboo - 2nd Single [POP]

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-The exhilarating taste of bugaboo, which is not as sweet as it is, bugAboo 2nd Single Album [POP]

-Bugaboo's comeback that surprised the world, bugAboo 2nd Single Album [POP]

BugAboo, who debuted with the title of 'Let's become a surprise to the world, overcome the fearful and surprising existence in our hearts together and achieve our dreams', is back with the second single [POP]. BugAboo, which appeared in a flashy appearance last October, delivered a fresh worldview to the public and a hopeful message that everyone has infinite potential.

With their second single [POP], bugAboo wants to show off a more upgraded girl crush and street charm from the existing dynamic and powerful performance. The second single [POP] is an album that expresses the excitement of popping like 'Popping Candy'.

The second single [POP] consists of a total of two songs: the title song 'POP', which expresses the thrilling taste of popping candy, and 'Easy Move', which expresses the limitless possibilities of burgabu following the previous work.

It's time to indulge in the thrill of bugAboo, which is not as sweet as it is.

*Album Specifications

- Record size: 52 X 220 X 13(mm)

- Sleeve : 152 X 220 X 13(mm)

- Photobook : 152 X 220(mm) / 88P

- Pocket Holder : 152 X 220(mm)

- CD : 1 type

- Sticker: 108 X 148 (mm) / Insert 1 type

- ID photo: 102 X 152(mm) / Random insertion of 1 type out of 6 types

- Photo ticket: 50 X 110(mm) / Randomly insert 1 type out of 6 types

- Photocard A ver. : 55 X 85(mm) / random insertion of 1 out of 6 types

- Photocard B ver. : 55 X 85(mm) / random insertion of 1 out of 6 types

- Folding poster: 270 X 195(mm) / Randomly inserted one of two types
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$13.40 USD
$13.40 USD

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