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The pre-release single “How You Like That” is a hip-hop song with the unique personality and charismatic sound of Black Pink. The dreamy and magnificent orchestra sound overwhelms the atmosphere from the beginning, and the intense command of Black Pink begins.

The vocals that rise with the change of feelings that have become determined, and the explosive drop part of “How You Like That,” finally vomited, turn the atmosphere of the song at once.

The powerful beat that changes more and more rapidly as the song progresses further highlights the message from Black Pink to move forward and fly higher in any dark situation.


Black Pink's photobook SPECIAL EDITION, which will be released on July 17, contains three themes of Black Pink's dignified charm shown in'How You Like That'.

From monotone and dark mood concept with chic aura to colorful visuals.

Black Pink's unique charisma can be seen in a variety of ways through 132P photobooks and privileges, and a “How You Like That” sound source and a CD containing the Inst version sound source were also included to increase the collection value.



● SIZE: 220*300*15●


-CD + Photobook (132p) + 1 random polaroid + 1 random postcard + 1 folding poster

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