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@ BLACKPINK ABOUTBlack Pink held a splendid debut ceremony with the single'SQUARE ONE' on August 8, 2016. YG Entertainment announced the birth of a large rookie group by rising to No. 1 on various music charts as a girl group introduced in 7 years. Since then, BLACKPINK has grown into a global girl group representing K-pop by releasing their first mini album'SQUARE UP'. This spring, Black Pink will take another leap forward with an EP album with the same name as the title song'Kill This Love'.


@ Introduction of ‘KILL THIS LOVE’ ALBUMAlbum genre: hip-hop

Since debut, Black Pink, which has set various new records, has returned with the EP album with the same name as the title song “Kill This Love.” The high quality was completed by adding charismatic rap and vocals, and a variety of sad and emotional music. This album will be able to confirm the richer musical spectrum of Black Pink.

The title song “Kill This Love” is a song with an intense lead brass and magnificent drum sound as the main theme. The charismatic rap and vocals added on top of it reminds us of what only black pink can do.

TEDDY and the best producers who created the “Ddu-du-du-du” syndrome have once again joined forces. TEDDY and Bekuh BOOM participated in the lyrics of ‘Kill This Love’, and TEDDY, R.Tee, 24 and Bekuh BOOM participated in the composition.


BLACKPINK's second mini album [KILL THIS LOVE] is PINK VER and BLACK VER with different photobook images and privilege images. It will be released in two types, and will be available for pre-order on April 4, and can be found at YG Select and other online/offline record stores nationwide on April 23.


* SIZE: 160*211*20 (weight 500G)


* Configuration

-CD + Outbox + Photobook + Accordion-style lyrics + 1 random double

-sided folding poster + 1 random polaroid photo card + photo photo + sticker set + random large photo card set (4) + double-sided poster

-Random large photocard set: same regardless of version

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