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-Global trend, performance doll ATEEZ (ATEEZ)-The prelude to the new series, [ZERO: FEVER Part.1] released!-'THANXX' and'INCEPTION' double title song to announce the new youth culture unique to ATEEZ!


The global trend, performance doll ATEEZ  is making a comeback with their fifth mini album [ZERO: FEVER Part.1].ATEEZ  is the [TREASURE series] that ended last January, and is #1 on iTunes album chart in 36 countries including the US and Canada, #1 on Gaon album chart, #1 on Hanteo global chart, and 2019 MAMA'Worldwide. Fans' Choice' and'Next Generation' at the 34th Golden Disc Awards were achieved, and after their debut, they showed remarkable growth for a not long time.

As it has been loved by many fans for its solid storyline, differentiated concept, and music, attention is focused on the news of the new series comeback of ATEEZ .Earlier, ATEEZ  also released a 16-minute [ZERO: FEVER Part.1] ‘Diary Film’ that looks like watching a movie, but it amplifies expectations for a new narrative to be unraveled through this series.

[The beginning of fever]In [ZERO: FEVER Part.1], I try to write the story before I set out on the journey toward'TREASURE'.

Following the beating of the heart, the boys who have become eight boys grow their dreams in their own hideout without any compromises and tame of the world.

The moment of happiness is momentary, and the dream that connects each other quickly crashes into reality and breaks into eight pieces.

And the boys, who were suffering from their own fever in their own spaces, are attracted by something and return to the place where their first heart beat.We face a fever once, maybe many times, in our lives.

It will be the most important moment in your life and the most passionate moment.

However, he lives with a heart that has been hit by reality or has cooled down by himself.

What i really want. I wonder if I have been living without trying to turn away.

The members' past records remind us of our hearts. Looking back at the hottest moment of life.


[ATEEZ’s YOUTH CULTURE]'When I do what I like, I become the real myself.'

The members suggest a new path outside of the rules and regulations set by others.

And the way they go will soon be the standard for everyone. In this album, ATEEZ is planning to draw a new youth culture unique to ATEEZ, with a style that was not seen in previous works such as music and performance. With this album, you can meet ATEEZ (ATEEZ), which has been upgraded to a double title song and has a variety of new charms.

The members in the music video and jacket are expressing their individuality in their own way, and the youth culture that they will lead in the future raises a great anticipation of what the youth culture will look like.


The first title song'THANXX' is a pop genre song based on hip-hop, and it is the answer of ATEEZ to people who shout that only their standards are the right answer.

The Latin-style guitar line is leading the atmosphere of the song, and witty lyrics are added to enhance the fun of listening to the song.

The performance with the chorus that strikes intensely shows the charm of ATEEZ, who is wild and free.

The second title track'INCEPTION' is an urban-style EDM, expressing a longing for an unreachable existence as if dreaming in a dream.

The song's narrative unfolds along the emotional melody on the intense beat, and the emotional lines of the members who express this delicately stand out.

It goes between tenderness and intensity, and you can feel the dreamy and vague boyish beauty of the members that you have never seen before.




1.Dear Diary: 2016.07.29This is a diary written down before the members became ATEEZ with the start of the ATEEZ spin-off.


2. FEVERIt is an R&B POP track with the same name as the album title, and is the main theme of this [ZERO: FEVER] series. It contains the stories of boys wandering with fever. The moments of the boys' impatience, trembling, wandering, and heartbeat expressed as a long summer night. Their stories of emotions and moments that were as beautiful as clumsy wake up the painful and thrilling days of all of us, the heat that we fell asleep on.


3. THANXX *TitleIt is a pop genre song based on hip-hop, and the Latin-style guitar line opens the door to the song and leads the atmosphere. And the members send advice with witty lyrics to people who shout that only their own standards are the right answer. The colorful wrapping adds to the fun of listening to the song, but the chorus and performances that struck intensely afterwards clearly show the charm of ATEEZ, who is wild and free-spirited.


4. Dance (TO THE BEAT)It is an intense hip-hop genre song that stimulates both ears. The song begins with the breathtaking voice of leader Hong Joong.The atmosphere rises soon and the finale, which ends with a dubstep, leaves a strong impression, and you can feel the overflowing energy of ATEEZ. It contains a message full of confidence to get rid of the rules that surround us and dance with me.


5. INCEPTION *Title'INCEPTION', which coexists with softness and intensity, is an urban-style EDM song that expresses the longing for an unreachable existence as if dreaming in a dream. The narrative of the song unfolds along the emotional melody on the intense beat, and the emotional lines of the members who express this delicately stand out. You can feel the boyish beauty of the dreamy and vague members that were not seen before.


6.Good Lil BoyThis song combines the Western atmosphere with Drum & Bass sources, and contains the message to run without giving in even in the harsh world. The will to get rid of the stereotypes of adults who only force them to grow up along a fixed path is expressed with exciting and cheerful rhythms and direct lyrics.


7. One Day At A Time'You'll be alright, just take it slow'It is an R&B song based on Mumbaton's rhythm, and it contains the message of relying on each other and getting along well even in difficult situations.

The sweet members' voices deliver calm comfort.



**Album Specifications**

-Sleeve & Box (157 x 217 x 32mm)

-Booklet 112p (different images by version) (Additional 16p of diary booklet included only in DIARY VER')

-1 type per sticker version

-1set per post card version (9 pieces)

-AR photo card  'THANXX VER' Random 1 out of 16  Random 1 out of 16 ‘INCEPTION VER’  Random 1 out of 9 ‘DIARY VER’

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