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-Unique global performance doll, ATEEZ (ATEEZ)-The first full album [TREASURE EP.FIN: All To Action] released!-March to the Door of Truth, Title Song'WONDERLAND'

Unrivaled performance doll ATEEZ is making a comeback with their first full album [TREASURE EP.FIN: All To Action].

ATEEZ started with their debut album [TREASURE EP.1: All To Zero] in October 2018, and after releasing a series of'TREASURE' series, they communicated with the public without a break, as well as the Billboard World Album Chart and iTunes Chart.

He has been swept away and showed his presence as a worldwide performance stone.

ATEEZ, which has tried various changes with a differentiated concept, is planning to present an upgraded concept with this first full album [TREASURE EP.FIN: All To Action].

ATEEZ  is releasing their first full album in about a year after their debut.

The attention is focused on the news of their comeback that will dominate the stage.





1.End of the Beginning"Come on, let's go, the end to the start waiting for."


2. WONDERLAND *TitleThe title song'WONDERLAND' is the final version of the genres that ATEEZ showed in the TREASURE series, and is a marching song from ATEEZ that resonates in the journey towards TREASURE. Magnificent and intense lead brass and drum sounds are leading the song with the main theme, and the composition of the song constantly rushing forward reminds us of the members marching toward the beginning where the end waits.


3. Dazzling LightThis is a Future R&B song that contains the mystery of whether I am the one I am today or another age I encountered in the promised land I arrived. In particular, the sensational synth sound is dropped and the reversed atmosphere further upgrades the dreamy atmosphere of the song.


4. FogIt is a song in the R&B genre that compares the anxious mind wrapped up in anguish over whether this path we have chosen is the right path or whether it is going well. In particular, the explosive vocal of the chorus stands out, and you can meet the deeper sensibility of ATEEZ.


5. Precious (Overture)This is the Part.2 track of ‘Treasure’, which was the double title song of the debut album, and expresses the appearance of ATEEZ (에이티즈) that has changed through the journey so far. The main theme of ‘Treasure’ is solved differently to make you feel strange emotions.


6. WIN“We don’t know, what is next. But we know, who is next!”It is a Mumbaton-style song that stands out with free-spirited, intense sound and energetic flow. There is a strong ambition that we will eventually win.


7.If Without YouIt's a Hip-hop R&B song that expresses the heart of endless sadness if there are no important people guarding my side right now. The reactions of the members that appear in the middle of the song raise the atmosphere of the bright song and add fun to listen.


8. Friends (THANK U)It is a rock-style pop song that sincerely unravels the gratitude that we have not been able to convey to the members who raised each other when we were tired and tired. The melody of the back vocal, the last chorus, raises the atmosphere and adds emotion.


9. SunriseIt is a medium-tempo pop song that contains a message that the world will recognize us one day if you believe in me and continue moving forward, as if the sun rises after a deep night. Lyrical melody and unique vocoder sound are impressive. to be. In particular, leader Kim Hong-joong participated in the lyrics and composition, and sincere lyrics are expected to evoke sympathy among many people.


10. I'm walkingIt is an R&B ballad song that expresses gratitude toward those who are walking with me now. Sweet vocals and piano are harmonized to convey a calm and warm sensibility.


11.Beginning of the End“We will definitely find the answer.”



-CD, Booklet 108p: Image differs by version

-Photocard: 2 randomly inserted out of 9 types by version

-Postcard: 1 set (12 sheets) per version

-Treasure card/film: 1 type of each inserted (common version)-Sticker: Insert 1 type per version

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