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Almond snack in the 40g Series

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  • Perfect for light snacking and sharing. koran snack Korean Seasoned Almonds, Korean Seasoned Almonds Snack Care Pack 40g.
  • 5 DIFFERENT FLAVORS ALMOND: First 40g Products whole almond Series, Garlic-Bread Almond, Cheongyang-Mayo Almond, Wasabi Almond, Honey-Butter Almond, Caramel Salted almond & Pretze Almond - 1Pack of each Almond 5kinds of almond.
  • Taste, choose, and enjoy. Individual packaging promises freshness without dampness. A portable delicious snack that goes well in your bag. gilim almond korean
  • Almond, the world's top 10 super-food: Enjoy unusual way dine on unusual flavors of almond. If you want to taste, choose and eat, put it in your bag and carry it, you can eat it anytime easily. toms farm almond korean almond snacks
  • One on my desk drawer : 'Healthy snacks' to comfort your tired day It is Packed in a zip bag that is convenient to carry.
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