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2ND REPACKAGE ALBUM [Changer : Dear Eris]

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A.C.E's second repackage album <Changer : Dear Eris>

Here is a music love letter from A.C.E., a global talented singer who has always built his own style with unique music, to his fans.

We were together, and we will always be together, so the title song 'Changer', which contains the heart that you will always run whenever you are having a hard time, is characterized by a strong beat and a dramatic synth sound with a dreamy synth sound. ACE)'s vocals are another point of appreciation for this song.

A.C.E's second repackage album <Changer: Dear Eris> is an album that contains the memories of the five members and their fans.

The original recorded versions of the members, 'CACTUS (Remix ver.)', 'CACTUS (Eng ver.)', and 'Down', released last spring, are new Korean lyrics with a 'higher' prequel feel. 'Down (Kor ver.)' has been added, and you can meet the fan song 'Remember Us' sung exclusively by 'WOW', a member who has been difficult to participate in the album for a while.

The second repackage album <Changer: Dear Eris>, in which ACE and CHOICE, who have been together and are together, conclude one chapter, you can meet music with their own mature and sincere voice. have.

*Album Specifications

- Photobook: 140p

- CD-R: Randomly inserted 1 out of 5 types (Secret Voice Letter on track 10 - 1 voice out of 5 members randomly)

- Sticker: 1 type out of 3 types is randomly inserted

- Photo card: randomly inserted 2 types out of 18 types

- Polaroid Photo Card (Jacket Version): 2 types out of 15 types are randomly inserted
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