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AB6IX 2ND EP [VIVID]AB6IX, the complete artist idol who will color the world with strong colors, creates the surreal clarity they create, 'VIVID'.

AB6IX (AB6IX) is making a splendid comeback with its second EP "VIVID," which captures their colors more clearly, about eight months after its first full-length album "6IXENSE" released in October.

In this album, AB6IX, a versatile and complete artist group, perfectly digests various genres of music, including hip-hop, synth pop, punk pop, electro pop, R&B pop, and deep house, adding to their deeper colors and proving once again their infinite growth potential.

With AB6IX's unique colors and senses, the album "VIVID" is filled with high-quality music that literally shows the colors of AB6IX, which were defined and completed with its debut EP "B:COMPLETE" and full-length album "6IXENSE."




**Album specifications**

Total 3 types (V, I, D Ver.)

1. Sleeve: a total of three (variety of versions)

2. Outbox: 3 different versions

3. CD: A total of three (variety of versions)

4. Photo Book: 72p / Three (Variety of Version)

5. Photo cards: Random 1 of 12 types inserted (varies by version)

6. Postcard: Insert 1 random out of 4 (variable by version)

7. Vivid Color Chips: 6 Types 1SET

8. Decal: Three varieties in total (variable by version)

9. Photo Stand: A total of 3 (Version Star)

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