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AB6IX 3RD EP [SALUTE]AB6IX, a more robust and complete artist idolTheir official first greeting, 'SALUTE,' was born with a beginner's heart.

AB6IX (AB6IX) will release its third EP "SALUTE" in about five months after its second EP "VIVID" released in June, opening the prelude to a new leap forward.

AB6IX's third EP "SALUTE" is an official first greeting from the newly returned AB6IX to fans and an album completed with the meaning of always doing its best no matter what happens, like their greetings, giving a glimpse of AB6IX's intense transformation and brilliant growth.

The album, filled with colorful and high-quality music that will prove their growth, including hip-hop, R&B, Deep House and ballads, showed their true perfectionist aspects, especially as the four members all wrote their own songs.



**Album specifications**

  • Total 2 types (ROYAL, LOYAL Ver.)
  • OUTBOX / 1ea / Version specific
  • DISC / 1ea / Version specific
  • PHOTO BOOK / 80p / 1ea / Version specific
  • PHOTOCARD / Random / 2ea of 20ea (Group: 1ea of 4ea & Member: 1ea of 16ea) / Different versions
  • IDENTIFICATION PHOTO / Random / 1ea of 4ea / Version specific
  • POSTCARD / Random / 1ea of 5ea / Version specific
  • ENVELOPE+STICKER SET / 1ea / Version specific
  • MEMO BOARD / 1ea
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