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2nd Single [Light a Wish]

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‘The long-awaited wish, we will make it come true’

The moment the genie inside me wakes up, a fantastic story unfolds

LIGHTSUM 2nd Single [Light a Wish]

LIGHTSUM, who presented a 'special and thrilling first meeting', is back with their second single [Light a Wish] after about 4 months. The moment you follow the bright light led by LIGHTSUM, a fairy tale world unfolds. We invite you to a place where everything we've ever dreamed of comes true.

LIGHTSUM, which first appeared in the world with their debut single [Vanilla] in June, showed the freshness of Generation Z full of personality by expressing the sweetness of the moment of falling in love with a special and exhilarating vanilla flavor. In addition, it recorded the highest Initial Chodong sales of 19,000 copies among rookie girl groups in 2021, and the music video for the title song 'Vanilla' achieved 10 million views in about a week after its release. It ranked 8th on the US Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart, proving the power of ‘2021 Girl Group Hot Rookie’. With this second single [Light a Wish], we want to show off a more upgraded COOL and SHINE charm to the existing powerful performance and unwavering singing ability.

The second single [Light a Wish] means 'to make a wish', and it contains the meaning of an album that will fulfill the wishes of 'we', not just 'me'. Following the comeback trailer depicting the journey to find something different, 'Something', meeting each other in a place that followed the light, breaking away from the stereotyped Genie image in the story of Aladdin, a new portrait of '21st Century Genie' 'Light Ver.', which symbolically expresses In Dongseon and the splendid and sophisticated visual music video are also points of interest for this album.

The track list, which is composed of a unified theme of various forms of ‘light’, through the story further enhances the album’s perfection. The first track and title song ‘VIVACE’ is an Italian word meaning ‘quickly and lively’, and it is a harmonious synth with a dreamy and mysterious mood based on the future bass and house genres. In particular, ‘Music from somewhere, the moment I’ve always been waiting for. A world that shines like that unfolds before your eyes. Like the lyrics of “VIVACE” so quickly that this song we made doesn’t end, LIGHTSUM’s “positive worldview”, which has discovered a world that shines like the lyrics, is expanded one step further. The second track 'You, jam' is an impressive song with an addictive melody that seems to be imprinted in your head once you hear it, and the lyrics that unravel the curiosity about your opponent with Gen Z sensibility. It highlights LIGHTSUM's unique musical color, where the line pops out.

LIGHTSUM's second single [Light a Wish], in which we do not wait for 'I wish' to memorize a spell that wishes will come true, but grow further into 'I come true' and achieve a sparkling enlightenment through each other. I hope that all of you who are with me will also be able to face the Genie inside of me by following the story told by LIGHTSUM, the ‘21st Century Genie’.


Composed, Lyrics by Tenzo, WWWAVE (PAPERMAKER)


'Music from somewhere, the moment I've always been waiting for. A world that shines like that spreads out in front of you.

So that this song we made doesn't end, VIVACE faster.'

'VIVACE', which means 'quickly and lively', is a song that shows the various charms of LIGHTSUM by combining a strong future bass and a colorful and dreamy synth based on the house genre. In addition, following the previous work, you can feel the positive worldview of LIGHTUSM through the lyrics developed in the background of 'White Dream'.

02. You, jam

Composed by Glory Faces (Full8loom), Truth (Full8loom), yuka (Full8loom)

Lyrics by Truth (Full8loom)

Arranged by Glory Faces (Full8loom), yuka (Full8loom)

'I wonder what other world will unfold after all the patterns I see for the first time are solved. Stimulate curiosity.’

'You, Jam' is an electro-punk genre with an impressive ArpSynth, groovy rhythm, and splendid psychedelic sound from the introduction of the song. The harmony is attractive. “It is painful for us to be bored. The moment we meet you, something different, we express the sensibility of Generation Z through the message “You, jam!”

03. Popcorn

Composed by STEVEN LEE, Andreas Stone Johansson, Laurell Barker, Joe Lawrence

Lyrics by Jo Yoon-kyung

Arranged by Joe Lawrence, STEVEN LEE

‘Rather than sweet Lollipop, pop pop popcorn.

Pop your own personality like popcorn.”

'Popcorn' is a song created by composer STEVEN LEE, who made LIGHTSUM's debut single 'Vanilla', Canadian singer-songwriter Laurell, British producer Joe Lawrence, and Swedish hit maker Andreas Johansson. It is a teen dance song where you can feel the pleasant shout of "Let's unleash their bouncing personality without hesitation" and feel the energy through the modulation of the colorful melody line on the powerful drum line rhythm.

*Album Specifications

- Album size: 153mm X 183mm

- PACKAGE: 1 type (images are different for each version)

- BOOKLET : 1 type / 90P (images are different for each version)

- LYRIC PAPER : 1 type / 20P (images are different for each version)

- CD: 1 type (images are different for each version)

- INVITATION CARD: Insert 1 type (images are different for each version)

- PHOTO CARD: Insert one random out of 8 types (images are different for each version)

- STICKER: Insert one random type among 8 types (images are different for each version)
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