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BAE173's 3rd mini album 'INTERSECTION: BLAZE' released!

-Unique concept boy group comeback, predicting sprinting in the global K-pop market!

-Participated in writing lyrics, composing, and arranging BAE173 again this time! Proof of a talented idol!

BAE173 (J-Min, Han-Hyeol, Yu-Jun, Mu-Jin, Jun-Seo, Young-Seo, Doha, Light, and Do-Hyeon) will release their 3rd mini album 'INTERSECTION: BLAZE' on March 30th. It is a comeback after about a year, and it is a win-win with a unique and experimental concept and musical growth.

'INTERSECTION: BLAZE' is the last 'INTERSECTION' series that connects the story of the first mini album 'INTERSECTION: SPARK' and the second mini album 'INTERSECTION: TRACE'. this was included

This album contains the story of nine young people who met at the intersection, in the process of becoming one, creating a spark, leaving a trace, and evolving by burning 'BLAZE' through growth. Famous producers such as hit maker Lionjeon and Brave Brothers, Double Sidekick, and BAE173 member Dohyeon participated in writing, composing, and producing the lyrics.

*Album Specifications

- Photobook: 116P / 150mmX210mm

- Random page: Random 1 out of 9

- Sticker: Insert 1 type / 140mmX200mm

- Hologram photo card: insert one random out of nine / 55mmX85mm

- Photo card: Insert one random out of 18 types / 55mmX85mm

- CD : 1 type
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